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Custoza wine and the battlefields

A few minutes from Valeggio, among the Morainic Hills, stands the war memorial of the battles of Custoza (1848 and 1866), fundamental stages of the Italian Risorgimento and interesting both historically and landscape-wise. To this, you can add a pleasant stop at a winery producing the white Custoza wine.


The Lugana wineries

The hills between river Mincio and Lake Garda are a highly prized wine-growing area, in which the excellent white of Lugana stands out. It's possible to combine a visit to Sirmione with wine tastings at the Lugana cellars...and why not having lunch directly in the cellar?


Villafranca and a historic pastry shop

Known almost exclusively for the airport of Verona, the city of Villafranca is instead an important stage in local history, for the presence of the majestic Scaliger castle, for the memories of the Risorgimento...but also for a historic café, producer of patriotic sweets...


The water fortress of Peschiera

The river Mincio, that leaves from Lake Garda on its southern side, forms a little gulf with three islands, where centuries ago fortifications were built to control the waterways. The Venetian Renaissance fortress is Unesco heritage, and makes the shape of this water town unique.

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