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The Great Wall of Verona

  • 100% private tour

  • Local licensed tour guide

  • Duration 3h

  • Suggested times: Tue-Sat, 10 am

  • Lump sum: 130 € (max 30 people)

After an introduction to the military history of Verona, we will walk the most monumental stretches of the medieval walls, conceived in 1300 by the Scaligeri, of the Renaissance bastions, brilliant works of the Venetian 1500, and we will admire the architectural and military improvements of the 1800s, in the Habsburg period.

We will also walk by former military buildings that now belong to the community, like the Austrian provianda, authentic monument of war industrial archeology, and the Maddalene Rampart. There will be panoramic stages, such as the large terrace of Castel San Pietro .

Some sections of the route are uphill or in stony and uneven terrain. To participate you do not need any particular athletic skills but at least be fit and wear comfortable shoes .

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