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Lake Garda meets Amarone

Valpolicella is a few kilometers from the Riviera degli Ulivi, but the same grapes produce completely different wines. The oenological excuse is excellent for visiting this Valpolicella valleys and taste the world-famous Amarone.


Enantio, the alpine first-born

After driving across the last sweet morainic hills, the Adige Valley opens up. Exploring it is an opportunity to discover Enantio, one of the oldest vines in Italy, which was told to be extinct for centuries, and today brought back to life by excellent wineries at the foot of the Alps.


Boat tour in Sirmione

The day on the Riviera degli Ulivi can be crowned by an exclusive visit by private boat to the Sirmione peninsula. The "pearl of the lake" enjoys a special position, crystal clear waters, and is known for the presence of ancient Roman ruins and the Scaligero castle.


The water fortress of Peschiera

The river Mincio, that leaves from Lake Garda on its southern side, forms a little gulf with three islands, where centuries ago fortifications were built to control the waterways. The Venetian Renaissance fortress is Unesco heritage, and makes the shape of this water town unique.