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Valpolicella, land of Amarone

  • 100% private tour

  • Duration: min. 3h

  • Local authorized tour leader:
    rate for service from 130€

  • 5-wine tasting with fingerfood:

  • Optional service (in case you don't have your own car) transport with private driver:
    rate per hour: 50€/h

Valpolicella is the hilly region north of Verona, famous all over the world for its DOC reds: the fruity Valpolicella Classico, with its Superiore version, the fragrant Ripasso, the great, intense Amarone, the sweet Recioto. The peculiar characteristics of these wines come from the native grapes and the drying technique.


With this visit formula, you can decide the duration and number of wineries and tastings to enjoy (we always recommend calculating an hour/an hour and a half for each winery). We tend to prefer small-medium family-run wineries, where the production process is entirely followed by family members, from the vine to the bottle, and where the value of the wine is also determined by nature, by the different meteorological characteristics of the vintages, and in general the product is never standard. However, we are also available to give you access to some of the most famous and renowned wineries, always taking care to guarantee you a non-commercial experience.

All wines served at the tasting can be purchased and delivered at home.

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