About us and our tours

VERONAROUND is a smart and simple way to enjoy the surroundings of Verona, designed for individual tourists and small groups.
The idea comes from the long experience in the promotion of the Veronese territory of a group of tour operators from Verona, official tour guides and escorts authorized by the local tourism board. The goal is to provide their own knowledge of "locals" to show visitors both the classic places and traditional small agricultural and gastronomic businesses of the area, outside mass tourism circuits, in memorable landscape settings, including a tasting of local wine and food.
The province of Verona is in fact the fourth tourist destination of Italy, and the main reason for this reputation is just the greatest scenic diversity of its territory.


VERONAROUND presents a new excursion: the "Berico-Euganeo" raw ham tour. The "Prosciutto crudo berico-euganeo" is one of the most delicious specialties of the Veronese countryside!
Following river Adige across orchards and plantations, we'll drive by Napoleon's battlefield of Arcole and visit the medieval town of Cologna Veneta. After a tour in a local ham factory we'll enjoy lunch, with raw ham dishes, "lardo" and "culatello".   


From the 6th to the 9th of February Verona hosts the 111th Agriculture Exhibition "Fieragricola 2014". Veronaround is in charge of the organization of technical guided tours for the exhibition guests!
Visit the website www.fieragricola.it and discover our tours to the Veronese Flatland (cattle breeding, organic rice and biogas production) and to the Valpolicella Classica (the Amarone wine region).